Welcome to Online Booking of YinYang Wellness Connection Mobile Service Massage Therapy - Traveling to Client's Location. Toronto areas Book now for rejuvenating wellness session with professional massage therapist. "Quality of Service at its Best" RMT: Accept direct billing for insurance from Canadian providers. Please Keep in mind some insurance companies may require a doctor’s note. Check your insurance coverage before booking an appointment. E-Gift Certificate is available for all occasions. If you cannot find an available time slot, please feel free to contact me by call or send a text message, I'll try to accommodate you if possible. Note: If you are located outside the Toronto Area, such as in Mississauga, Pickering, Richmond Hill, or Vaughn, please call or send text message prior to booking an appointment. Visit the website for additional information on services. www.yinyangwellnessrmt.ca (P) 647-780-1663 (E) yinyangwellness.ca@gmail.com Thank you in advance. Looking forward to be of service to you soon. Maria Elena Rendor Registered Massage Therapist

Mobile Registered Massage Therapy Services for the Whole Family.

How Does Mobile Massage Work?

Your RMT will arrive 10-15minutes before your appointment to prepare the massage treatment area, including setting up the table and soothing music. Please ensure ample space for the table, ideally in a quiet, dimly lit area like the living room. The RMT will begin discussing your health history and treatment goals, then step out momentarily for handwashing while you prepare for the massage. Throughout the session, the RMT will check in with you to ensure your comfort. After the treatment, the RMT will provide you with necessary home care instructions and then depart.

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